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Python Instagram DeepFake Bot

An Instagram Bot serving as an account, people can use to create DeepFakes on Instagram. The DeepFakes are created using First Order Model for Image Animation and the Faces are cropped using Ultra-Light-Fast-Generic-Face-Detector

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The code needed a lot of configuring in order to work in my specific workplaces. I tried making it as easy as possible to run it yourself. Errors may occur! (Also this code only serves as a “show – off” and is not intended to be run since Instagram’s terms of services strictly prohibits this.) Run it at your own risk.

Prerequisites & Installation

  • Code was written and tested in Python 3.6.5 and 3.6.10 
  • Install the requirements.txt pip install -r requirements.txt 
  • Install autocrop pip install autocrop 
    • locate autocrop (/usr/local/lib/python3.6/dist-packages/autocrop) 
    • replace entire folder with my updated autocrop 
  • requires numpy=1.15 -> we need a feature from numpy=1.16 
  • Additional things: 

Running it

  1. Edit on line 596 with your account details. 
  2. python3.6 
  3. Wait for the Instagram-Login to happen. 
  4. Wait for Checker-,Editor-,and Sender-Class to be initialised.

Adding ranks to users

  1. Go to other_tools 
  2. Run python3.6 add_donator username rank 
  • Rank 1: 30 seconds videos + priority queue 
  • Rank 2: 45 seconds videos + priority queue + watermark removal 
  • Rank 3: 60 seconds videos + priority queue + watermark removal 
  • (Every other user is initially Rank 0)

Checking stats

all stats can be found in log.json

Python Instagram DeepFake Bot


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